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Proper Business Solutions

The Pillar of Any Great Company.

Who We Are?

Proper Business Solutions was founded for a few simple reasons…

We were tired of company environments that put the employee second to the work, that didn’t provide any chances of career for undergrads, and where it was a daily grind of the same monotonous activities each day.

The second was that we felt there was so much lost opportunity for different types of projects that we could perform and succeed in, but once again we were in work environments that didn’t promote trying new avenues of business.

So instead of sitting around and grumbling about the situation, we decided to do something about it; be the change we want to see, and in 2015 we accomplished the launch of this action, the first steps to creating a good, wholesome business that advocates for the success of our people, our clients, and ourselves.

Thus with a positive outlook, years of experience, and a healthy dose of common sense, Proper Business Solutions is ready to provide smart solutions and start its journey to being the number one company that grows and cultivates other companies and always be ahead of the trend by growing and cultivating ourselves.

Our Mission

Proper Business Solutions’ mission is to create an opportunity for businesses to tackle their growth & profitability without the loss of quality or standards. Proper Business Solutions was not designed to serve the self-interest of those who run it or to turn a profit with little to no results. Our interests are far more ambitious, we want to be able to collaborate with businesses, exchange ideas, strategies & results.

A normal call center would show little interest in their clients business and only care in delivering the requested results. We take it one step further with our experience in various fields, as we want to enable companies to reach new heights and create long-lasting relationships built on the premise of success.

Our Approach is proven with hard results; we are happy to say we have developed healthy partnerships with our current clientèle and seek to propel them forward.

Our Methodology

Proper Business Solutions’ sees business as a team sport, it’s not about just one person, but the whole team.

What we mean by this is that success is best when it’s shared; you have to be willing to share the spotlight with others. As such, what we did essentially is build a company that would balance profitability with a social conscience and that starts with our people, and what we tried to do more than anything else is recognize that you can’t exceed the expectations of your customers as an enterprise unless you exceed the expectations of your people first.

Our Values

To strive for a better outcome personally and professionally.

Always set clear expectations with our Clients, their customers, and our Employees.

Flexibility in implementation without compromising our goals.

The ability to create practical solutions no matter the scenario.

Monetary gain comes second to developing a healthy and successful business relationship.

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